Good food is our passion


With everyone in the family being a sort of gourmet, there will automatically be a big focus on what’s on the plate, or, what’s in the wine glass.




The traditional Carinthian cuisine – that’s where we feel right at home!

We completely try to avoid the typical mainstream kitchen. Instead we use our old, tested and tried family recipes and always reinvent them in a new way by following the newest trends: brilliant but without the fancy knickknacks. The authenticity of the dish is always the main focus.


Culinary art is a family affair

In our hotel the women of the house cook themselves! Grandmother Kathi’s classic and respectable cooking art has been tested and tried over the years past. Even though retired, you can still find her in the kitchen regularly cooking up some delicious dishes. Annemarie, on the other hand, adds the new, more modern influence to the traditional cuisine. They both love what they do and you can definitely taste that!


We love slow food

Harvesting the old fashion way and hand made are our top priorities. As many products as possible that are used in our kitchen are sourced and produced locally, at the farm on the local „Pfaffenberg“ or picked fresh from our very own vegetable and herb garden. Our special focus is on seasonal food and sustainability. This guarantees the highest quality of ingredients possible and also eases the consciousness. This results in the best food possible!


Slow Food Village Obervellach

A whole town committed to sustainability and local. Obervellach is a committed ambassador of the slow food movement. Together we celebrate and live the good and high quality cuisine. Slow food requires that all steps in the process – production of the ingredients, the cooking process and the final presentation and enjoyment of the dish – are all executed with lots of care, diligence and love. Slow food also includes enjoyment: to take the time to enjoy and experience the meal with all senses.

No hide and seek

Transparency is very important to us! Where do we source the ingredients for our meals?

A lot comes from our own vegetable and herb garden or is seasonally foraged from the surrounding woods (e.g. mushrooms, venison, wild blueberries). Every so often friends and neighbors share the abundance of their harvest with us from their gardens and orchards at the peak of the season. This way, we can use very special, unique ingredients like old heirloom fruits and vegetables for our dishes that can’t even be purchased in the grocery stores anymore. Seasonality lived out at its finest. It inspires our culinary imagination and gives birth to new delicacies and recipes.

Anything we can’t produce ourselves is chosen very carefully. We are very fortunate to have magnificent farmers and local producers in our immediate area that supply us with the best and highest quality products. It’s a continuous process of discovering more and more local suppliers that enrich and enlarge our variety of dishes. We would like to introduce some of our suppliers:

Wimitz Bräu

Our “Märzen” beer on tap comes from the private brewery “Wimitz Bräu” located close to St. Veit/Glan wich is in the East of Carinthia. They use “Wimitzer” spring water to brew their beer and also source their hops and barley from farmers nearby.


Especially our veal comes from the next town’s butcher shop in Flattach who source their meat from local farmers.


Once a week Hans Unterlechner, aka Hansbauer, personally delivers fresh eggs from his pastured, free range chickens from Seeboden.

Kärntner Milch

Dairy products like curd cheese, diverse cheeses or butter are purchased from our local creamery in Spittal/Drau. They source their milk from dairy farmers of our region.

Family Hofer-Moser

We purchase our milk and yoghurt from an organic dairy farmer located in the next town called „Penk“. The family itself delivers their fresh products weekly and, at the same time, picks up the empty glass bottles and yoghurt containers to reuse them again for the next delivery.

Family Unterweger

We produce a lot of our jams ourselves that can be enjoyed at our bountiful breakfast buffet. But additionally we also purchase other jams handmade by the family business Unterweger located in Osttirol. We chose them because, just like us, their focus is on sustainability and high quality products.


We buy our teas and spices from the well known Austrian company “Sonnentor” located in the “Waldviertel” area in Lower Austria. The products convince with their high organic quality and don’t include any artificial additives. Sonnentor lives sustainability from the packaging to the fair wages for their farmers.

Trout farm Jobst

our warmly smoked trouts come from the neighboring Drau valley from “Greifenburg”. As we call in our order, they freshly fish their trouts and smoke them the next day. Often the fish is still warm from the smoker at the time we receive our order. This is a great way to guarantee the use of the fish and avoids food waste that might unnecessarily end up in the landfill.

Friends & Family

many of our lovely neighbors, friends and family members still have their own vegetable gardens and orchards. At peak seasons the harvest is usually plentiful and they are often left with a big surplus of produce. So they generously share their abundance with us. We gladly welcome those “goodies” and happily take their “leftovers”. Those vegetables, fruits and herbs are often rare varieties and old heirloom species that can’t be purchased in commercial grocery stores anymore.