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Obervellach and the Carinthian hospitality
Surrounded by the magnificent mountain range of the Hohe Tauern of the Alps lies the small town of Obervellach. The “Möll” river makes its way through the valley from the bottom of the highest mountain of Austria, the “Großglockner”, and eventually converges with Carinthia’s other bigger river, the “Drau” at the end of the valley. Some days the water runs calmly and has an almost grounding effect. Other days the water can show its mighty side with its high rousing water force. Snow accentuates the beauty of the mountain peaks almost all the way till late spring. In a nutshell: Alpine location with a hint of southern influence from our Italian neighbors – “la dolce vita” the Austrian way with a big focus on Carinthian hospitality and coziness. A great place that combines customs and tradition, culture and history, slowing down and action, with a great variety of summer activities and winter outdoor fun.

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