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Enjoy and relax on top of the mountains or just chill in your room – leave the day to day busyness behind.






Do you feel like relaxing? Or are you in the mood for an adventure?

Obervellach and its surrounding area offer plenty of options for both. We are revealing our top 10 activities below. Enough activities for the outdoor-junkies as well as for those in need of a “easy going vacation”.

What’s happening in town?

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Are you planning to hike?

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Free admission at many destinations:

When booking directly each adult recieves the “Kärnten Card” free of charge if you stay 3 or more nights in our hotel.

The “Kärnten Card” gives you free or discounted admission to over 100 tourist attractions and destinations all over Carinthia from April till October. Attractions like the gorge of “Groppenstein” in Obervellach, the “Glockner Hochalpenstraße” and the “Bios” in Mallnitz are all included.

So book your stay directly via our website!

All guests that spend less than 3 nights in our hotel also have the option to purchase the “Kärnten Card”, of course. If you inquire one at the time of your booking or before your arrival, we will have it ready for you by the time of your arrival. That way you can start your adventures right away without delays. Enjoy!

Hiking in garden Eden

Alpe Adria Trail

The Alpe Adria Trail is a hiking and biking trail that takes you from the highest mountain of Austria, the Großglockner, through Slovenia, all the way to the Italian coast of Muggia. Hike the alpine mountains of Carinthia, pass the shores of crystal clear lakes and stroll through sunny vineyards. Avery special way to experience nature at its finest. But also a unique way to experience the cultural and culinary sides of the Alpe-Adria-Region.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to hike the whole 750 kilometers all at once. Plan and experience any of the 37 stages of the trail by itself. Enjoy a very unique and active vacation away from the crowds and your everyday responsibilities. And to guarantee a nice, mostly rejuvenating vacation, many restaurants and hotels are strategically placed at the end of each of the many stages – one of them is your country hotel Pacher. We are always happy to welcome hikers into our house and help you recover from the long hike with one of our many delicacies..

The 8th stage of the Alpe Adria Trail going from Obervellach to the Danielsberg.

Bicycles riding

The whole Möll valley has a big network of bike trails. Or challenge yourself and go up the mountain with your mountain bike. It’s up to you. We also have E-Bikes available to our guests for rent.

Rock climbing

Hiking gets kind of old? How about enjoying that mountain top view via a rock climbing trial?


You want to experience a traditional, cozy evening with traditional, Carinthian delicacies in a cabin like restaurant? We highly recommend the Launsberghütte to enjoy Carinthia as the locals would.


Do you prefer an easier trail in the mountains? Or would you rather do that challenging hike all the way to the mountain peak? Lucky you! Everyone will find the right challenge. But all of them have that one thing in common: the next alpine hut with a restaurant is always close by. And as an additional bonus: the view usually never disappoints!


Discover and follow the natural path of a wild spring river through the gorge: through water channels, over water falls and gorilla slides. But don’t worry: safety first! Each participant is always secured with ropes.

Motorikpark Mölltal

Located only a couple minutes walking distance from our hotel. Challenge yourself and train your motoric skills and coordination while surrounded by nature and the “Möll” river. It’s a lot of fun and, best of all, it’s free!


The only thing you have to pack are your tennis shoes, everything else can be rented right at the tennis club. So, no excuses! And if the weather changes suddenly, you can always continue your game indoors in the indoor tennis hall.


Is even possible in the summer months on our glacier skiing resort “Mölltaler Gletscher”. Special treat: you might even get lucky and catch a peek of one of the pros training for their next race or gold medal.


The Sauna lovers will enjoy the “Tauernbad” in Mallnitz.

Castle Falkenstein

This Mid-Evil Castle was build in the 12th Century for defensive purposes and is still, to this day, in an excellent shape. Open for visitors in summer with available tour guides.


There is a public indoor and outdoor swimming pool with a sauna area right in Obervellach that invites to relax or to get your exercise in.

Driving range

Work on your drive while enjoying that wonderful mountain panorama in the background. Or, for the beginner, this is an excellent opportunity to try it for the first time.

Slow food for takeaway

Enjoy the “taste” of your vacation in your own four walls. Wether as a treat for later or a special gift for your loved ones back home – don’t forget to stop at the “Tauernfenster” shop before you had back home. Purchase some of the local “goodies” produced by our very own local farmers and companies.

Slow food for takeaway

Purchase locally made goods like homemade breads, cold cuts and cheeses directly at the farm store. Our tip: make sure you try some of the freshly baked bread.

George of Groppenstein

Hike up along the creek, pass impressive natural waterfalls and experience the force of nature. Especially enjoyable on a hot summer day as the cool water almost functions as a natural air condition. If you feel adventurous and courageous jump in one of the naturally formed lagoons.

Art room Kunstraum Obervellach

Enjoy some of the locals creative pieces of art. The local artists regularly invite to book readings, sometimes even including musical performances, to come together and celebrate art in all its different forms and expressions.

Indoor rock climbing

Get your exercise in with about 110 different climbing routes of all various difficulties in the 16 meter high gym. All the necessary equipment can be rented. Beginners can use a climbing machine and the support of experienced coaches to try out rock climbing for the first time.

Restaurant Herkuleshof

Located on the idyllic setup of the Danielsberg, it’s a great place to enjoy the view and to just unwind. Additionally, the restaurant “Herkuleshof” serves excellent food that will certainly not disappoint.

National park Hohe Tauern visitors center

Experience and learn about the unique flora and fauna of the “Hohe Tauern” national park in a fun and informative way.


Go on a little raft boat ride along the “Möll” river or experience a more adventurous boat ride on the wild waters of the “Isl” river. Stop occasionally to jump off some bridges, if you have the guts to do it!

Our nature

Definitely the ace in our pockets! Our surrounding nature is simply breathtaking with the impressive alpine mountains and the widely untouched nature. Lots to discover for the nature lover!

Go outside, breath in the clean, crisp air, enjoy the unique views

and let nature ground and calm you!